2017 Food Trends

January 1, 2017

Ah, that magic crystal ball. If we had it, the future would be so easy. Right? Well, it would also be boring and we would all have to wear those funny head wraps. Let’s just be grateful that we save ourselves that embarrassment and read on as we take a shot at the 2017 Food Trends.

Looking back at 2016, we would say we did fairly well with our predictions, with perhaps the biggest impact being technology changing the way we eat. 2016 made it super easy to avoid lines, order food from top restaurants to enjoy in our bed with a glass of wine, or even avoid interaction as we ordered and settled up bills using technology in restaurants. In essence, it was a great year to be anti-social.

As we look into 2017, we take a 180 and see socialization playing a role again. Ready to see what we predict? Let’s start with this awesome video from our friends at TREND HUNTER for those that don’t like to read:

Drumroll please…here are the top trends we are predicting for 2017:

Plant Butchery:

The Impossible Burger

Beets, mushrooms, and chickpeas are standing in for meat, as butcher shops and restaurants design products that will tickle the fancy of meat eaters and vegans alike. Plant butchery is converting a whole new crop of people that want to explore plant-based options in their diets, while keeping the taste and texture of their meaty counterparts.

Artisan Food Education:

Le Dolci

In the pursuit of knowledge, artisan led workshops running the gamut of topics such as beer making, easy to cook meals, baking, healthy eating, and food photography, increase in popularity. Brands and companies delivering these services satiate the need for the self-education of their customers in a social setting.

Micro Shops/Pop-Ups:

The Plaza Food Hall NYC

With rents in major cities around the world increasing, look for more micro-shops and pop-ups. From food halls that allows start-ups to take over smaller spaces with commercial kitchens, to pop-up markets, to the creative use of unused spaces in commercial buildings, there will be a lot more food coming out of unique smaller spaces with less overhead.

Urban Foraging Comes Indoors:

Modernsprout Growhouse

With people wanting to be involved in growing their food, but living in smaller spaces, watch for urban foraging to come indoors. From mason jar gardening kits to mushroom growing logs, the condo crowd and those without green thumbs can finally have a hand in growing the food their put on the table without having to have a backyard or all that much talent.

Mocktail Mixology:

Mom Junction – Pineapple & Cranberry Mocktail

Watch for mocktails to get a modern makeover. Say goodbye to Shirley Temples and hello to combinations of pressed juices, kombucha, teas, and muddled herbs and spices. This is the coming of age for non-alcoholic beverages. Restaurants ahead of the curve will have entire mocktail lists leaving customers thrilled to order healthy drink options with just as much spunk as their boozy counterparts.

All Day Cafes:

Portland Variety

Back on the topic of expensive rents, watch for more locations to jump on board the all day cafe model, making the most of their space by transforming throughout the day from a combination of take-out and casual sit-down breakfasts right through to full-service dining in the evenings.

Agriculture 101:

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

With more people wanting to connect to the source of their food and make conscious choices about what they eat, watch for urbanites to increasingly take escapes to discover nearby farms and agricultural trails. Farmers should get ready for plenty of hugs as they connect with their urban counterparts and teach them about the local food that graces their plates.

Think we missed anything? What trends do you see forming for 2017? What would you like to see happen in 2017?

Wishing you all a tasty year!

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