All the Single Foodies

February 13, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, and, while some people love to be single, eating their bags of chips and ice cream in bed, celebrating their singlehood and freedom, others want to be held tight, kissed, and told they are loved. If you fall into the later category, you won’t meet the foodie love of your life doing the former. Fear not, we, your Foodie cupids, are here to steer every single foodie in the right direction to meet the love of your life. Ready? Here we go:


We get it, you’re a mover and shaker. You’re on the go all the time, and, “you just don’t have time for dating.” Seriously? You have better things to do than love? Fear not, we have the solution for you. Enter, PB&J.

Fun fact: Did you know that food is the most important similarity that people look for in dating, followed by music. How many times did you swipe right on someone tasty on another dating app, only to discover they ended up being sour? Unlike traditional dating apps, PB&J is a lifestyle app that allows you to swipe left or right on pictures of delicious food, then matches you with people with similar food interests. Bonus: No need to guess which restaurant to go on a first date.


The adventurous foodie loves to be on the go and experiential. Since food is the grand connector, what better way to meet the foodie love of your life than on a food tour? When we created our tours, we did so with locals in mind. We wanted to create an experience that was geared for locals, but welcomed tourists as well. The result? Our 501 Streetcar Food Tour was awarded the Ontario Culinary Tourism Experience Award, and has been a local favourite for over 5 years running. But fear not, if Queen street is not your cup of tea, we have many more distinctly Toronto based tours, including the Best of Toronto, Street Food & Street Art, and, more to come in 2018, including the return of our popular Secret Menus tour.

What sets our tours apart is that many are themed (rather than neighbourhood walking based), and take transit to get around, so that transit ride allows you to meet and chat with other guests. The perfect no-pressure way to meet the love of your life while exploring the city, and, eating the best food from multiple neighbourhoods.


As a child, the fondest memories of our founder, Steven Hellmann, were the big meals he shared with his family, in the basement of the humble home where he was raised. In fact, as a celebration of this, some of the first events we ever held were communal dinners, at restaurants across the city. You can now find creative communal dining experiences all across the country. These experiences create the feeling of community, where strangers become friends, over a meal. It would be no surprise having your Mr. or Mrs. Right checking you out from across the table. We continue to host supper clubs from time to time, with the award winning cuisine of our catering wing, headed by Chef Damian Harrington, but on a more regular basis, check out the following suggestions: Table to ShareMassimo Bruno Supper Club, and Charlie’s Burgers.



Want to know something sexier than being able to cook? So do we. The hands-on foodie is just that…the sexiest foodie there is. The ultimate charmer that knows his/her way around a kitchen. When you want to get your hands dirty (then lick them clean) a workshop or class is a great way to share an experience with a group, then sit and enjoy the fruits of your labour, while meeting and getting playful with the new love of your life. Whether your attending our Prep School, one of the top cooking classes in the city, getting playful at a chocolate making workshop, or putting some flour on the nose of your new +1 at a baking class, there is no shortfall of ways to learn to cook and have a great time doing so. Now, where’s that flour?

Suggestions: Le DolciGeorge Brown Continuing EducationMoRoCo Chocolate Workshop


It’s great to see so many cultural institutions step into the modern times and get creative with fun nights that involve food, drink, music, and culture. For those times when you want to dress up and mix culture with food, FNL at the ROM is still our favourite. It’s a mix of DJs and live artists, while exploring the stunning galleries with tasty pop-up food and drinks.

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Yayy!! Thanks for mentioning PB&J on your site!! You guys are simply superb when it comes to taking ideas to market and have an amazing reach. What a JAM!

Foodies on Foot
February 19, 2018 2:19 pm

Thanks for the love Vikram. We’re excited to bring the launch party to life next. Can’t wait!


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