Street Art and Street Food Tour

Upcoming dates: October 10, 25, 31 at 12:00 PM

Street Food and Street Art LogoAre you ready to experience Toronto’s hottest new food tour? Get your kicks ready and join us for our Street Food & Street Art Food Tour.

The tour will bring you from the beginning to end of Graffiti Alley, Toronto’s richest site of street art.  Approximately a kilometre long, the Alley spans just south of Queen West, from Spadina Ave. to Portland St.  Walking though the Alley, you will see up-close work by Toronto’s most well-known and talented street artists, such as Scam, Elicser, Uber 5000, and Shalak (to name a few), demonstrating an impressive diversity of colourful styles.  You will learn the important differences between these styles and their evolution within the greater Toronto street artscape. No tour is complete without some tasty eats. We will feed your bellies while feeding your soul. Throughout the tour we will be popping in and out of Graffiti Alley to feed you some of the best street food that Queen West has to offer.


Your tour leader, Dr. Paul Salvatori, PhD, is a longtime street art enthusiast. Intrigued by Toronto graffiti in his teens, Paul has followed and learned about the development of the city’s rich street art scene since, from its early New York City origins to it more recent encompassing of international styles.

His formal background in philosophy has led Paul further into the meaning of street art culture, particularly its place within the urban environment and why street artists are so compelled to do it.

Paul is a street art researcher at the University of Toronto, within the semiotics program. He is also a documentary filmmaker and founder of Salvatori Films, which, in part, profiles Toronto Street Artists.

At the end of the tour, you will receive a graffiti tag of your name, as a keepsake, created by Paul in front of your eyes.

Want to learn more about the Street Art Scene in Toronto and show some support of these amazing artists? Show some love to these pages and initiatives:

StreetARToronto Artist Database

Toronto Graffiti & Street Art Facebook Page

Graffiti Transformation Project



Saturday Night Supper Club

Upcoming dates: Returning this fall in Toronto and Niagara Falls!

We are excited to announce the start of our supper clubs in 2015. Our supper clubs allow us the chance to pull out all the stops. Hosted in various locations throughout Ontario, we highlight the talents of our in-house Chef, Damian Harrington, giving him carte blanche to create one of a kind food experiences. An intimate night with a Chef that has worked in top kitchens internationally. These are the experiences a foodie will remember for a lifetime.

Saturday Night Supper Club

Our first two supper clubs were a huge success. Stay tuned as we launch more supper clubs shortly!


*All Supper Clubs are BYOB.

Prep School


Welcome to Prep School, a place where you can learn to cook, or sharpen up your skills, in an unpretentious setting. All classes are hands on and interactive. Whether experienced or a total newbie to cooking, we will teach you a few tricks, and, end with a meal around what you have you created. Are you ready to take a seat at Prep School? 


*All cooking supplies will be provided, with the exception of the Knife Skills class. Bring your own knives for this class, or, we will have sets for purchase with advanced notice.

*You will get to eat everything you make at each class. You will not leave hungry!

501 Streetcar Food Tour

Upcoming dates: September 13, 27 & October 4, 17, 25 at 11:00 AM


The 501 Queen Streetcar route is the longest surface route in North America AND one of the longest in the world! This line runs approximately 24.8 kilometres (15.4 miles) traversing Toronto from the east-west. You will go through countless distinct Toronto neighbourhoods and experience the many faces of Toronto. Our tour will visit 5 neighbourhoods & 5 stops! Ding ding….time to hop aboard!

Approximately 4.5 hours in length

Join us on this delicious tour! Tickets are $69-80 plus HST and include your guided tour and all tastings.

Insanewich! Food Tour

Upcoming dates: TBD


The Grid TO referred to this tour as a “Don’t Miss”. This isn’t your elementary school brown bag lunch tour of bologna on Wonder White Bread. This “Insanewich!” food tour will take you to our favourite hangouts in the city where you will taste and savour the best sandwiches from land and sea. This tour is totally dedicated to the art of the sandwich. The only prerequisite is plenty of napkins, two hands, and maybe a fork. Are you “Insanewich” enough to join us?

Approximately 3 – 4 hours

Join us on this delicious tour! Tickets are $60-71 plus HST and include your guided tour and all tastings.

Best of Toronto Food Tour

Upcoming Dates: September 20, 26 & October 11, 18, 24 at 11:00 AM


Come join the tour that put us on the map, and, that most international journalists experience when they visit…the Best of Toronto Food Tour. Everyone loves knowing an insider. A person that can take them to the award winning locations throughout the city, some of which remain “hidden gems”. We will indulge in the tastiest food the city has to offer, from specialty food stores to casual dining, while discovering several neighbourhoods along the way. We will have tastings at 5-6 “best of” locations over several neighbourhoods while having the chance to ride the TTC around the city. Come join us on what many consider one of our tastiest tours!

Approximately 3 – 4 hours

Join us on this delicious tour! Tickets are $69-80 plus HST and include your guided tour and all tastings.

Pick-nic in the Park

Upcoming dates: Finished for the season…returning in 2016!


Join us on our newest food tour! What better way to enjoy the great weather than with a pick-nic? Come with us as we explore some of our favourite gourmet and specialty food stores and discover a few distinct Toronto neighbourhoods on this walking tour. We will walk through 2 neighbourhoods, stopping into 5-6 food shops/restaurants, as we pick up goodies to fill our picnic basket. With a bit of nibbling along the way, as you will not be able to resist, we end the tour with a beautiful picnic in the park to enjoy the delicious creations we picked up from the best food shops and restaurants in the area.

Approximately 3 hours

Join us on this delicious tour! Tickets are $69 plus HST and include your guided tour and food.