November 29, 2017

Are you ready to spread kindness this December? Let’s show the world that #FoodiesCare.

What is #FoodiesCare?

#FoodiesCare is an initiative where we are asking everyone to do random acts of kindness and post it on their social media channels using the hashtag #FoodiesCare from December 1-24.

How did #FoodiesCare come to be?

At The Foodies Group, we are always putting together promotions. We run contests constantly throughout the year, giving away a countless amount of amazing products & tickets to the hottest food events. Around the holidays, last year, we held our biggest giveaway to date, called the #FoodieDaysOfChristmas. We were going to do the same this year, but, it just felt empty giving away more prizes at a time of the year that has so much emotion. Our founder, Steven Hellmann, is known for always being kind and performing random acts of kindness. After two particularly personal experiences in October, in which the acts of kindness really resonated with him, he had that “eureka” moment…this December, we would encourage everyone to spread kindness and reward some random people with some amazing gifts from our partners, each day. Kindness breeds kindness. The most important goal of this initiative is to spread kindness at a time of the year when people need it the most.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing acts of kindness on social media…

Who ever said that good deeds should be kept private? Let’s be honest, we populate social media all year long with the AMAZING lives we lead. We document where we eat, what parties we attend, our successes, who we meet, and random chain letter types of challenges we love to accept. We need to see more of the positive things people are doing to make the world a better place. Think about it…anyone who would criticize you for posting your act of kindness, while they post their act of vanity, should really think twice! Let’s get people spreading kindness and showing the world how good it feels to give 🙂

Fantastic, so, how do I participate?

Between December 1-24, do as many randoms acts of kindness as you can. If you choose to do just one, or one every day, the energy of putting out kindness will populate and change the energy of every single person that is the recipient of your act of kindness.

Once you have performed your act of kindness, post it on your Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #FoodiesCare, or, post it in the comments section of this post.

We’ll monitor these, assign each act of kindness a number, then, at the end of each day, enter the numbers into a randomizer and one person will win a fantastic prize from our partners.

What is The Foodies Group™ doing to spread kindess?

Our founder, Steven Hellmann, has committed to participating to doing a random acts of kindness throughout the campaign. You can follow his acts of kindness on his Twitter and Facebook.

As well, we are not sure if you heard, but, we were just voted the Top Caterers in Central Canada by Meetings & Incentive Travel. We thought what better way to give back, than, at the end of the initiative, randomly choose 12 people that participated, host them, and, a special person in each of their lives, at an exclusive supper club in early 2018. We could only imagine how great the energy of such giving people will be, around a table, as we come together to share a memorable meal and give thanks for all the kindness that was spread.


December 1: No. 7 Hot Sauce

December 2: Foodies on Foot Tour

December 3: Niagara Wineries Tasting Passes

December 4: Secret Box of Goodies

December 5: Crazy Plate Lady

December 6: Rufino Coffee Package

December 7: Jewels Under the Kilt

December 8: Niagara Wineries Tasting Passes

December 9: Smoke’s Poutinerie

December 10: Abeego Variety Package

December 11: Niagara Wine Tasting Passes

December 12: Tita Flips Kamayan Dinner Experience

December 13: 13th Street Winery Tasting Package

December 14: Greg Ferwin Theatre Show Tickets

December 15: Studio50 Rock Bottom Vessel

December 16: Le Dolci Dozen Unicorn Cupcakes

December 17: Creekside Wine Package

December 18: Kitten and the Bear Jam Set

December 19: Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea for 2

December 20: Creekside Winery VIP Tour for 10

December 21: Soma Chocolatemaker Gift

December 22: Odile Chocolate

December 23: Glory Hole Doughnuts Gift Certificate

December 24: Smoke’s Poutinerie Gift Cards

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I love this! I will do my best to participate!

Foodies on Foot
December 1, 2017 6:31 pm

Thanks Mary. Even one act on one day makes a difference!

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December 10, 2017 9:55 pm

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