Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Tin Chef Challenge

February 6, 2014


While one could argue that the wrath of the polar vortex is appropriate for Winterlicious, we were excited to witness things heating up at the Mildred’s Temple Kitchen Tin Chef competition last night. Hundreds braved the snow and an overcrowded coat check to watch five amateur chefs battle for bragging rights in this first annual cooking challenge. They were Deborah Brewster, Gav Martell, Meghan Legere, Jill Chen, and Ronn Reaman.

photo 1

With duck breast as their secret ingredient and swarms of inquisitive guests as their biggest obstacle, the five took off without hesitation to meet their hour long time limit. Ingredients were collected and quips about adding alcohol to persuade the judges were made, all while hungry guests watched with drool nearly seeping from the corners of their mouths.

photo 2

Luckily, a variety of hors d’oeuvres were passed around the space, like MTK’s signature fries and aioli, sliders, and a warm goat cheese and caramelized onion focaccia. It quieted the stomach growls of the crowd as the smells permeated every corner of MTK’s candle lit space. The bartender was kept busy, and it seemed that everyone was having an incredible time watching the sort of kitchen combat that’s usually only a television closet-obsession for Toronto foodies.

photo 1

In the end, Tin Chef Gav Martell took it home at the sound of a cowbell and a burst of confetti. Indeed a sweet victory, dessert was passed around and the participants were given gift bags and consolation by their cheering squad. We loved seeing the spotlight cast on home chefs and were inspired to spend a little time in our own kitchens.

photo 3

Thanks to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and all the competitors and spectators for making this a fun night out for our team. If this type of experience is up your alley, sign up for our mailing list and stay tuned for some Foodies on Foot experiences that will bring out the Tin Chef in all of you.