Tastiest Picks from the 2017 One of a Kind Show & Sale

November 23, 2017

When participating in the age old tradition of shopping for the foodies on your list, going to the grocery store and buying one of those pre-packed gift baskets is not going to win you the “best gift ever” award. In fact, it may get you on the naughty list. Fear not shoppers, if there is one show that will make it easy for you to get on the good list, it’s the One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale. Since you may not have Saint Nick on your contact list, we are here to share our top foodie picks from the show:

Studio 50 Living (T38)

Year after year, Studio 50 gets the award for our favourite product at the show. They always remain the pieces that most people comment on when coming to visit us at our studio. We are blown away by the statement pieces that Steve and Kim put together, taking once boring objects such as a mortar and pestle, knife block, and vessels into showpieces of concrete art. This is as one of a kind as you get. You must buy one or more of their products for a unique gift for the foodie on your list.


Teeny Tiny Bakery (C22)

They’re teeny, they’re tiny, but most importantly, they’re tasty. Cookies that may be too cute to eat. What a dilema. All hand crafted, hand painted, and made with lots of love. Go for the advent calendar (25 days of delicious cookies…yes please) or any of their winter or holiday themed gift sets. There is something for everyone on your gift giving list.


Tealish (H19)

Coffee lovers beware. Tealish and their variety of hangover helping, waist shrinking, and taste bud satisfying teas make a great gift. Grab your onesie or ugly Christmas sweater and warm up with a cup of Tealish tea on a snowy day.


Odile Chocolat (H43)

What’s that they say, a chocolate a day keeps the Doctor away? Why not pick up a few dozen truffles and make this the healthiest Christmas season ever? Odile is one of our favourite chocolatiers. We recommend you check out Odile’s unique truffles, in an assortment of creative flavours, including a brand new vegan collection, in three exciting flavours: basil ginger, rosemary, and mandarin.


Organics and Gold (G35)

Instead of rolling down your car window to ask for ‘grey poupon,’ you’ll be rolling up your window so you don’t have to share Organic Gold mustard. Seriously, this is the best mustard we have ever tried, and we love mustard. Pretzels, hot dogs, sandwiches, and your favourite meats will go from okay to gourmet in one smear.


Abeego (V25)

This gift is one that’ll keep on giving! We cannot tell you how excited we are every time we use this at our studio, knowing we are not using and throwing away plastic. A unique all natural food wrap, Abeego is made with beeswax and can be reused for at least a year if handled properly. You won’t only rest easy that the chef in your life will be able to help save the planet, but they’ll be able to save you some leftovers easily.


Mary Macleod’s Shortbread (G57)

There’s a reason Mary Macleod has been doing business for over 30 years. With gorgeous boxes and jars featuring a bevy of flavor combinations, they’re perfect for anyone. We don’t want to meet the man or woman who finds buttery, melt in your mouth shortbread unappealing. Just be sure you grab a few for yourself, as well as the foodie in your life. The smell will drive you to consume these treats well before you leave the show.


Chaiwala (H52)

You know that saying about doing one thing and doing it right. Chaiwala’s got it down. You may never meet anyone that drank as much chai as Eamon and Becca in their pursuit of perfection. The chai tea lover on your list will thank you.



We also want to show some foodie love to Love Lettering (H11), Hatchet Made (Y11), Abokichi (H23), Alicija Confections (G23), Cassis Monna & Filles (F30), and Cochons Tout Ronds (F23).

Don’t forget that sharing is caring. Have a friend that is going to show? Share our foodie picks with them and be the envy of your foodie friends. Don’t forget to connect with us while you are at the show and let us know your favourite picks on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Christmas One of a Kind Show and Sale runs until December 3 at the Enercare Centre, with late night shopping on November 30. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

**Tickets to attend the show were provided by the One of a Kind Show & Sale. We did not receive any products in consideration of being posted on this list.**

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