Top 5 Food Trends for 2016

January 16, 2016

Will 2016 be the biggest year of innovation we have seen in the food world? Times are changing, fast. We’re dishing out our predictions for the top 5 food trends in Toronto for 2016. Here’s what we see coming to a boil:

Everything on Tap:

Station Cold Brew

Remember the day when your only drink on tap was beer? Those days are long gone. First came wine, then came coffee, and now you can expect everything from kombucha to cocktails. Who says kegs are just for alcohol? With companies like Station Cold Brew and Live Kombucha battling for their share of non-alcoholic taps across the city, watch for a lot more bars to join the trend and start putting cocktails on tap. We see it now, the night coming to an end, the bartender is not looking, and some yahoo leans over and starts pouring cocktails directly into his open mouth. Ah, the life!

Technology Takes Over:

Feast App

Long gone are the days of having to stand in line, waiting for bills at restaurants, or, having to resort to either pizza or Chinese food as you sit in you pajamas and cuddle up in front a movie at home. Technology is changing the way we eat forever, at it’s just getting started. We expect to see a lot more technological advances in the way we order food in 2016. Whether you want food delivered, grab take-out, or sit down for a meal, it’s now on your terms. Here are some of our favourite picks so far that will save you enough time to be able to stop and smell the roses, or, even better, share one more kiss with your loved one:

Delivery: Uber Eats, Hurrier, and Feast are seriously changing the game. You can now order from your favourite restaurants or have a Chef inspired meal delivered to you, whether in the office or just when you want to say under the covers.

Take-Out: Hands down the one App that we use the most is Ritual. Check out our social feeds for all the times we got to sit, eat, and enjoy as others stood in line.

Restaurant Dining: Tab saves you the precious time of having to wait for your bill at the end of a meal. Just click, pay, and walk away. You can even split the bill without getting the look of death from your server.

Food Events Round 2:


Remember TUM? Hands down one of the most influential food events to ever hit Toronto. Why? It had a purpose, was curated, and a very distinct energy. Yes, some food festivals gone wrong over the last few years have left a bad taste in our mouths. Time to move forward and learn from those mistakes (hopefully).

On a large scale, you can’t go wrong with Toronto FOOD & WINE Festival (although lets extend the hours this year), but, we also love those smaller, grass roots festivals, that bring the community together and feature a lot of local talent that may not be able to be featured as prominently at a large scale show.

The main difference between the shows of old and the newest crop to come up? Curating and creating an experience. Taking a single dish and serving it 50 ways has been done, although there is a certain shtick to it. The evolution of food events will have unique themes, more interactive experiences, and curated vendors, giving you a reason to justify the ticket price.

Dining Goes Experiential:

Lisa Marie Triple B

Great food is a given, but, is it enough to fill seats night after night? The way we consume food is changing forever. It’s not just about eating anymore, it’s how you eat. 2016 adds “experiences” to dining. Watch for restaurants bringing more experiences in house that connect people over food, such as Lisa Marie’s Triple B night, and through more collaborations with companies such as ours (shameless but true self promotion) and fantastic Apps like Pass the Table with their #FeastON Nights. Also keep your eyes peeled for the ultimate in convenience: personal Chefs collaborating with event planners to come right into your house and create a unique experience for any special occasion.

Everyday Brunch:

Portland Variety Brunch

That’s right, everyone’s favourite meal is coming to you 7 days a week. Let’s face it, there’s nothing we’ll line up for other than brunch, so, it was just a matter of time before you could get your brunch favourites any day of the week. We’ve recently spotted Portland Variety leading the trend with 7 days a week brunch service. “A brunch meeting” does have a sweet ring to it.

Want to give some of those Apps we mentioned a try? We have the following promo codes to get you started:

Ritual: $10 in credits when you download the App using this link

Tab: $20 off your first TAB meal using promo code: TABHELLMA

Think we missed anything? What trends do you see forming for 2016? What would you like to see?

Wishing you all a tasty 2016!

Article co-written by Jennifer Takaoka.

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