The Tastiest Father’s Day Gifts

While we rightfully tend to go all out on Mother’s Day to show the special women in our life how much we care, why is it that we tend to get lazier on Father’s Day? Forget the socks, ties, and tools. This year, we’re going to help you up your game with our top picks from the 6ix to make this the tastiest Father’s Day ever! After all, you already know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

For the Hot Dads:

No. 7 Hot Sauce Gift Pack

For the dad who can take the heat, leave it to our friends from No. 7 Hot Sauce to get creative with gift giving. They’ve removed all the tools from their toolbox and filled it with hot sauce instead. Once the sauce is done, we’ll leave it to your dad to decide whether to fill it back up with tools or just re-stock on the sauce. We know what we would do!

No. 7 Hot Sauce is a Toronto Mexican hot sauce company, whose flavours run from mild to wild, blending heat and flavour with each recipe. Their
hot sauces have no added salt, no sugar, and are gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan.

They also carry a whole line of salsas, ketchup, and BBQ sauce.

For the Rustic Dads:

Campfire Stix

Photo: Campfire Stix

Campfire Stix is the perfect tool for roasting your hot dogs and marshmallows around the campfire. Their Canadian design uses a unique reverse prong so that your food does not slide off into the fire as it does with traditional skewers.

At 3 feet in length, you can sit back comfortably and perfectly roast hotdogs and marshmallows without roasting your hands, face, or feet in the process. Perfect for campfire chats with dad. Solid stainless-steel construction ensures durability and quality. Each handle is uniquely crafted from Georgian Bay driftwood and branded with the Campfire Stix insignia. No two handles are the same! Campfire Stix. True Cottage Country Cooking.™ Made in Canada.

The best part? You can now even get them customized.

For the Handy Dads:

Charcuterie Board Workshop

For the day that is good with his hands, The Charcuterie Board Workshop is a mix of a little class and a little dust. The evening starts off with some wine or Perrier and charcuterie while learning how to style a charcuterie board. Choose your live edge board and enter the woodworking space and try your hand at making your very own board. You will acquire some introductory woodworking skills from Lavigne & Co Design’s Founder Sarah Lavigne as she walks you through de-barking, sanding and oiling your board. At the end of the class, you will leave with not only your board but the skills to style it, a jar of take-home finishing oil, and the pride that comes from making something yourself and learning new woodworking skills.

For the Sophisticated Dads:


Photo: Studio50

Launched in 2013 by husband and wife team Steve and Kim Prokopowich, from Paris, Ontario, Studio50 creates handcrafted Canadian-Nordic Furniture and Homewares, with purpose and beautiful simplicity using concrete, hardwood, steel, and glass.

Whether your father is a scotch, beer, or wine drinker, or all of the above, everything tastes better when served from a rock bottom vessel.
The functionality of science glass with the industrial ruggedness of concrete. The boiling flasks are constructed of scientific grade-glass that can withstand both extreme hot and extreme cold liquids. The concrete base both cradles and supports the glass flask, and can serve as a warming or cooling plate. The flask holds an entire bottle of wine and acts as a fabulous decanter!

For the DIY Dads:

Local Pickled Asparagus

Photo: Bigstock

Nothing tastes better than fresh local produce. Seeing as how it is asparagus season, why not pickle some fresh Ontario asparagus and give it to your dad. It’s super easy and makes for a great gift. They are delicious straight up, on a charcuterie board, or even a Caesar. You can pick up mason jars from pretty much any major grocery or hardware store. There are many recipes online, but one of our favorites can be found at:

For the Gourmet Dads:

Artisan Food and Drink Basket

While is may be easier to get a gift basket from the store or one of the many sites that provide this, we find there is nothing better than directly supporting local food and artisans and creating a basket that is just as unique as your dad. Think about your dad’s favorite foods and drinks, then source out some artisans that make those. We’ll set you on the path with a list of some dad favorites that we know.

Jewels Under the Kilt – Think you can’t grow nuts in Canada, think again! Canada’s number one artisan nut farmer is located right here in beautiful Ontario, delivering internationally.

Organics and Gold Mustard – We discovered this mustard years back at the One of a Kind Show and it remains our favorite. Delicious, fair trade organic mustard in several unique flavors.

Eatable Popcorn – EATABLE’s alcohol-infused popcorn flavors are inspired by classic cocktails, wine. Made in small batches in Toronto with time-tested artisanal methods.

Walters Ceasar – Since its introduction in 1969, the Caesar has truly been Canada’s cocktail. Yet, the vast majority of Caesars are made with a watery mix containing added MSG, coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup.

For Walters, that’s a problem. Proudly crafted in small batches here in Canada, their premium Caesar mix is made using vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish, Worchestershire and hot sauce, select spices.

Their Classic Spice and Mild Spice Caesar Mixes are made with real clam juice sourced sustainably. In fact, Walter is proud to be Canada’s first Ocean Wise™ recommended Caesar Mix.

Their Vegan Mix uses dulse (edible seaweed) in place of clam juice for a true Caesar taste while being totally plant-based.

An all-natural, better tasting premium Caesar mix.

Collective Arts Brewery – There are a lot of great beers out there, so why not support one that fuses the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging artists & musicians. Made in Hamilton, their cans are such works of art, you won’t want to return them to the beer store.


Now that we’ve given you the tools needed to make this the best Father’s Day ever, we want to get your shopping off to a great start by having the chance to win a No. 7 Hot Sauce prize pack, containing the toolbox we have pictured above, filled with 7 hot sauces: Pasilla, Jalapeno, Original, Piri Piri, Arbol, Papaya, and Ghost Pepper. Enter below for your chance to win!

Click here to view this promotion.

The winner must be able to pick up the prize from our studio in Toronto within 1 week of the end of our contest.

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